Baskerville soars! And Company is waiting in the wings!

Can you believe it?! Only a week and a half until Heritage Theatre Festival says so long (farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye) to our 2017 season. It’s been awhile since we checked in with you all here, these last two Main Stage shows have taken a ton of effort from everyone around the festival, and if you can make it out to see them, we think you’ll understand why!

Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, is in the middle of its ALMOST ENTIRELY SOLD OUT run right now. And the audience feedback has been amazing. As you may have seen we’ve even had to add another performance this Saturday! Don’t miss this show! It’s a wonderful, madcap adventure, full of laughs and thrills, and one of the more technically intricate shows we’ve put on. Our production of Baskerville has over 200 technical cues, more than 100 costume changes, and features an entirely original score by Composer and Sound Designer Michael Rasbury. Tech week was especially crazy for this one! But now that it’s on its feet and running the production has been a true joy for all involved. Check out the box office link above to snag tickets for you and your friends.

While you’re there, don’t forget to get your tickets for Company, directed by the one and only Robert Chapel. Bob has assembled an exceptionally talented group of actors, designers, and technicians to tackle the challenge of a Steven Sondheim musical. While our production is set in the 70s, the themes it presents are timeless and several songs are considered to be among the best in all of musical theatre. Late last week the cast of Company got together with the orchestra to do what is known as Sitzprobe, a full sing-thru of the musical making sure that the actors and the orchestra are on the same page. Then right from that tech started! Moving platforms, magic candles, you name it and this show has it. Tech week has gone excellently here, and Thursday is the final dress rehearsal (basically a practice performance); after that Company is off to the races – and we couldn’t be happier. One of the actors said to us “all the show needs now, is an audience.” That’s where you come in dear readers! Get your tickets for Company here!

This is normally where we’d sign off, but like an old infomercial “There’s MORE!” Closing out our 2017 season is Barry Lubin as “Grandma” – one of the signature clowns of The Big Apple Circus. We also have a few other events on the topic of Clowning and the wonderful impact it can have on many different aspects of our lives – check out our Facebook page or the special events page on our website for more details! Well that’s it for us! Hope to see you at the theatre this weekend!