Thank You to Our Generous Donors

2022 VTF Donors

We are so grateful to all of our donors who are fueling the future of live, professional theatre at UVA and in Charlottesville. We could not do this without each and every one of you!

Bill and Eleanor Adams
David Addis and Rebecca Lieser
Heather and Scott Anderson
Faith Andrews and Bob Bedford
Peter Archey
Erica Barnes and Matt Yohe
Jeff and Pamela Barth
Liz Bates
Collins and Charlotte Beagle, In Memory of Eugene C. Beagle
Kim Beard
Ludy and Priscilla Benjamin
Denny and Gary Berry
Melanie J. Biermann and Martin I. Younker
Tom and Betsy Bloom
Gene and Lanier Bogen
Mike and Jane Burns
Judy and W. Grant Brownrigg
Margaret and Marvin Bush
Linda A. Butler
Sam and Dorothy Carranante
Sara Cary
Esther Cash
Bob and Maria Chapel
Hal Collums
Brian and Gwyn Conway
James Cooper and Shamim Sisson
James and Sheila Coyle
Deborah Del Colliano
Scheline and William Crutchfield
Herbert and Dorothy Ely
Phyllis and Gary Fagan
Karen Farber and Steve Miller
Robert and Kathryn Freer
Joan and Robert Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Foster
Nancy and Bruce Gansneder
Cady and Bryan Garey
Donna and Matthew Ginsberg
Grace and Ted Giras
Lelia Graham and Randy Webb
Susan and Larry Greene
Michael Henke and Judy Campbell
Bary Johnson
James and Nina Johnston
Kris Kasselman and Bob Emmett
Carolyn T. Kelly
Brian and Barbara Kennedy
Jody and Helen Kielbasa
Carole King
Melissa and Richard King
Jane and Rick Kulow
Richard and Alice Lakes
Ann Lehman
Laurel and Gene McClurken
Matthew McLendon
Judith A. McPeak and Douglas J. Cannato
Mark and Tara Mincer
Joseph and Kathleen Monaghan
Gaynelle Morris
Cameron Mowat and George Worthington
Dennis and Christina Moyer
Betty Natoli
Mark and Carolyn O’Hara
Marilyne Owen
Lydia Woods Peale
Rex Pearce
Christine Peterson and John Horneff
Stephan Paul and Sue Andrea Plaskon
Dale and Maureen Pollart
Norma and Melvin Reynolds
George and Lavale Riddick
Joanne B. Robinson
Leigh Rockey
Leonard and Jerry Sandridge
Kent and Judy Schlussel
Puja Seam and Jamey Thompson
Bill and Missy Shenkir
Vaden and Ginny Shields
Judith and Ken Simmons
Karen L. Skidmore
Steve and Clara Smiley
Susan and Mitch Smith
Matthew Steffens
Annie Ward Stern
Jefferson Strider
Hilary Weiss Swinson
Kirk and Melinda Tanner
William Taylor and Jacqueline Langholtz
Susan Thomas and Stanley Rose
Gretchen M. Tibbits
Laurie and Cary Turner
Rahul Wadnerkar and Mallika Chary
Jenny Wales and Jim Moscater
Dorothy and Steve Walton
Marie Westbrook and Raymond Grant

Martha and Geoffrey Weiss
Susan Weiss
Richard Will
Barbara and Roger Williams

This list includes donors who have given $100+ between July 1, 2021 – present day.