Thank You to Our Generous Donors

2024 Donors

Thank you so much to all our generous supporters of the 2024 VTF Season! We could not do this work without each and every one of you.

David Addis and Rebecca Lieser
Peter Archey
Mason and Laurie Axford
Tony Baglioni and Emily Kinnaird
Robin D. Baliles
Thomas and Elizabeth Balmer
Erica Barnes and Matt Yohe
Gene and Paula Barrett
Pamela and Jeff Barth
Liz and Doug Bates
Collins and Charlotte Beagle
Katherine Beard
Ludy and Priscilla Benjamin
Denny and Gary Berry
Ted and Peggy Bidwell
Victoria Blackford
Tom and Betsy Bloom
Gene and Lanier Bogen
Kevin Breen
Katherine Brooks and George Beller, In Honor of Bob Chapel
Grant and Judith Brownrigg
David and Liz Bruns
Kara and Chris Burke
Jane and Mike Burns
Linda and Ronald Burton
Linda Butler
Esther Cash
Judy Campbell and Michael Henke
Sam and Dorothy Carannante
Virginia Cenedella
Edie Champ
Bob and Maria Chapel
Thomas and Dorothy Clark
Mary Vee Connell
John Cornachio and Sophie Clayton
Scheline and Bill Crutchfield
Nancy Coble Damon
Greta Dershimer
Peter and Anne Eisenhardt
Herbert and Dorothy Ely
Wanda Eksteen
Kristine Etter
Chris Eure
Betsy Evans
Pamela L. Farmer
Diana and Stewart Ferguson
Charles and Bette Flickinger
Rob and Kathryn Freer
Cady and Bryan Garey, In Honor of Bob and Maria Chapel
Grace and Ted Giras
Rita and Thomas Hassall
Sheila Haughey and Lloyd Snook
Bob and Ginger Holub
Sharon L. Hostler, MD
Libby Jefferson
Bary Johnson
Jim and Nina Johnston
Caroline Jolly
Kristine Kasselman and Bob Emmett
Jody and Helen Kielbasa
Carole and Charles King
Donald and Mary Kirwan
Heather Knight
Phyllis and Melvyn Leffler, In Honor of Bob Chapel
Maja Lehnus
Peppy Linden, In Honor of Bob Chapel
Hal and Cathy Lippard
Kelley MacDougall and Mike Pausic
Hayward Majors
Jenny Mays
Joy and Bill McLaughlin
Judith A. McPeak and Douglas J. Cannato
Steve Miller
Diane and Jim Millikan
Ron and Sylvia Mills
Jeffrey and Judy Morton
Dennis and Christina Moyer
Lynwood Napier
Wendy Novicoff and Robert Davis
Mark and Carolyn O’Hara
Christine M. Ozyjowski
Christine M. Peterson
Gene Philippi
Carolyn Rainey
Benjamin and Stephanie Randolph
Melvin and Norma Reynolds
Joanne B. Robinson
John and Karen Rowlingson
Leonard and Jerry Sandridge
Judy and Kent Schlussel
Sandra L. Schmidt
Puja Seam and Jamey Thompson
William and Leila Shenkir
Vaden and Ginny Shields
Connie Shoffner
Judith and Ken Simmons
Shamim Sisson and Jim Cooper
Marvin Smalling
Steve and Clara Smiley, In Honor of Bob Chapel
Lu Spotswood
Annie Ward Stern
David and Audrey Storm
Alfred Strickler
Jefferson Strider
Christine Sweeters
Charles W. Swinney
William Taylor and Jacqueline Langholtz
Stephen and Mary Tharp
Susan Thomas
Nancy Tramontin and David Toscano
Beth Turner and Larry Goedde
Laurie Turner
Paul and Ellen Wagner
John and Becky Wales
Sheila Wales and Jim Coyle
Dot and Steve Walton
Lelia Graham and George Randolph Webb
Charles Weber
Geoffrey and Martha Weiss
Hilary Swinson Weiss
David Whitcomb
Kellam White
Harvey and Leslie Wilcox, In Honor of Bob Chapel
Barbara and Roger Williams
Roberta Williamson, In Honor of Bob Chapel
Karen and Larry Zipprich