It's really all happening now!

It’s really all happening now at Heritage! Over these past few days we hit that unique point in our season where every single show we are presenting this summer was being worked on in one way or another throughout the building. Middletown had a wonderful closing weekend of performances, while Woody Guthrie’s American Song opened their run! Meanwhile in other corners of the building Chapatti (which opens THIS WEEKEND) was in tech, Baskerville was in the midst of rehearsals (running scared from Giant Hounds and changing costumes), and Company was having their very first music rehearsal. It’s all hands on deck here at Heritage, and the building has never felt so alive. Every department is busy from lights, to props, to box office (click the link above to make sure they stay busy).

But while we work hard at Heritage, we think you’ll agree that it’s also important to take opportunities when possible to kick back, relax, and celebrate a little. So last Thursday night with that mantra in mind we all charged off to Travinia Italian Kitchen and Bar, following the preview performance of Woody Guthrie’s American Song. Once we arrived we were treated to a wonderful selection of pasta dishes and appetizers, not to mention two very skilled bartenders. It was a wonderful moment for everyone to chat about the season so far and what was still to come.

Not satisfied with just one event involving food, we were already back to stuffing our faces yesterday on the 4th of July, when we held a “Hot Dog Cookout” following our matinee performance of Woody Guthrie’s American Song. Widely regarded King of the Grill, Steve Warner was back out in full force serving up all kinds of hot dogs to patrons and company members alike. A great kick off to all of our Independence Day celebrations!

Now, I can’t end this blog without giving a quick shout out to the amazing work that is happening in our Helms Theatre, at this very moment. Chapatti which we mentioned opens this weekend, is a touching love story between two neighbors in the latter years of their lives. This is a small and very personal show and we couldn’t imagine a better powerhouse trio to be handling it than Richard Warner, Judith Reagan, and Doreen Bechtol. There is a special magic that can happen in a rehearsal room when you bring together people who not only love their craft, but have successfully devoted their lives to it, as these three have done. Written by Christian O’Reilly, this show will touch, delight, and remind you of the beauty of connection. Read more about it in this lovely UVA Today Article.

Thanks again for stopping by, and we’ll see you at the theater!