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Angelique Vizzard

Assistant Technical Director

Angelique Vizzard (Angel, she/her), Assistant Technical Director, brings more than a decade of staging experience to her role, much of it in carpentry, though she has also worked in lighting, sound, video, steel build, costume, wigs, and theater (and non-theater) makeup. amongst other things.

She has built stages for Metallica, Guns and Roses, Iron Maiden, Pink, Taylor Swift, and many many more! She also spent 5 years working in wigs, makeup, and wardrobe for operas such as Madam Butterfly, Swan Lake, and Anastasia.

Angel has been an active artist for 99% of her life, working with all mediums, most often painting. She is very good with carpentry.

She is quiet — but very friendly! — and will help with anything she can.